Father’s Day Through the Eye of a Camera

Fathers are special.
Fathers are special.

Sunday is Father’s Day. What a great time to record some of your dad’s favorite stories. Saving Memories Forever is an easy and mobile way to start creating a legacy that can be enjoyed by everyone today and future generations. Even if your dad is no longer with you, you can record the stories you remember him sharing with you over the years so they are not lost forever. Check it out here to receive a discount code.

And whether you visit your dad in person, by phone or even Skype, let him know how much you appreciate all he has done for you. The older you get the more you realize the sacrifices he made for you. He’ll love hearing how he’s impacted your life in such positive ways. If you visit in person, take photos of him with all the family members. Capture some natural moments rather than posing for all of them. Then back them up, print and share them with others.

Another fun activity is to take some of your old Father’s Day photos with you to share with your dad. It will be fun to see how you celebrated it in the past, who shared in the fun and the silly looking clothes that were so cool back then! You can also take some photos of other activities you did together over the years. Good ones are those for which you have a story about how that time spent together made a positive change in your life. Be prepared with some tissues close by!

Some of us no longer have our dads with us. But we do have pictures of the many fun times shared on past Father’s Days. Pull those photo albums or shoe boxes out of the closet and take some time to look at those past celebrations and reminisce with other family members or just by yourself. You’ll find yourself laughing about the silly things he used to do or say and the special way he touched your life.


Hello world!

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Photos have meaning. But most of us look at a photo as something that is taken and then almost immediately forgotten. A picture is a just a picture. No big deal. But that philosophy couldn’t be further from the truth. We’ve gotten in the habit of taking pictures because we think we should. We want to capture special moments but no real thought goes into what we are wanting to capture and why. Thus they become an afterthought and useless.

However, photos are treasures. More valuable than silver and gold. They’re history. Life-changing. Empowering. Memories long forgotten. Confidence builders. Love. Laughter. Tears. Stories. Personalities. Relationships. Powerful. Legacy. Who we are! And who came before us that helped make us who we are.

As a Personal Photo Organizer and owner of Shoebox Photo Scans LLC, preserving pictures and personal stories is my specialty. Bringing back the value and impact that photos have in our lives is my lofty goal.

This blog is to share with you anything and everything about photos that will help you appreciate, preserve and share your family stories and history through not only photos but oral and visual methods as well.

This is my first attempt at a blog, so I welcome your suggestions on topics you’d like to learn more about. Feel free to share your stories and ideas as well from which we can all benefit.

Thanks for stopping by!