Protect Yourself and Kids From Digital Kidnapping

What You Need to Know About Digital Kidnapping

I came across this article that reveals just how dangerous the simple act of sharing your photos with others can be. There is a disturbing trend in which people “baby role play” by hijacking a photo of your child from a social media site and use it in frightening and creepy ways.

If you freely share photos of your kids, grandkids, nieces, etc., on social media, please read this article and follow through on the suggestions provided. We must do everything we can to protect our children in a society that is growing increasingly complex and global with privacy quickly becoming a thing of the past.


2 thoughts on “Protect Yourself and Kids From Digital Kidnapping”

  1. It sounds horrible. We should avoid putting individual pictures on social media and put an action shot like “you are playing tennis”, rather than a straight-on shot as to avoid ID theft from using the photos. I guess it’s not only about kids but also everyone on the social media. Have you ever watched ‘Catch me if you can’? The famous conman, Frank Abagnale, provided us some tips on protecting ourselves from identity theft.


    1. You’re right about all of us having to be careful when posting our own pictures or those of others. It’s not just specific to children.

      I have watched Catch Me if You Can. It’s amazing what people can do. We get concerned about protecting our identities but then eventually we fall into complacency again. This is a good reminder that we need to be vigilant on a daily basis in our financial and social media activities.

      And thanks for the link to the article. A must read for all! I will definitely be changing the way I post photos. Action or group photos in place of pictures of just one person is a great tip. Thanks for sharing!!

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