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Organizing Your Digital Vacation Photos Series-Step 3: Master the Art of Eliminating Picture Clutter

Hello! Glad to see that you’re back and ready to continue with this next step.

To recap, let’s look at what you’ve accomplished so far:

  • Created your working folder structure that will help keep you organized for many years to come.
  • Gathered your devices, copied the photos into a temporary folder and backed it up so the originals are safely tucked away for the short term (in case of any boo boos).
  • You also deleted the photos from your device(s) so you have lots of space again to take more photos!

Wow, that’s a lot. Give yourself a hug for sticking with it. You’ve accomplished what most people don’t even attempt: creating a great foundation for organizing success. You’re on your way to eliminating stress and confusion so you can enjoy your photos the way you want. Kiss guilt and anxiety goodbye!!

So let’s get started. You’ll find this part of the series to be very freeing.

Copy Files to Your Vacation Folder

In Step 1, you set up a 2016 Vacation folder, or whatever else you named it. Mine is named “2016-03 Viking River Cruise.”

Simply COPY the files from your “temporary folder” into the Vacations folder. This is where you’ll do the rest of your organizing.

The “temporary folder,” as previously mentioned, will be there in case you accidentally delete some photos you want to get back (even though you could also retrieve them from the “Trash”). I just find it quicker and easier to grab a file from there versus getting it from the “Trash.” It is also great to have if you want or need to start over during the file renaming step of this series.

Now you’re ready to eliminate picture clutter.

What is Picture Clutter?

It’s what you end up with when you store every photo you’ve ever taken without being selective with them. Do you really need five pictures of a landscape that are nearly identical? A picture of your shoes? Thirty pictures of the same people at the same birthday party? Or a shot of something you have no idea what it is?  The answer is No! Continue reading Organizing Your Digital Vacation Photos Series-Step 3: Master the Art of Eliminating Picture Clutter

Organizing Your Digital Vacation Photos Series-Step 2: Gather, Transfer, Back Up

Welcome back. To start off, I want to share some background about the picture in this post. It is from an amazing winery in the Alsace region of France I had the privilege of visiting while on my Viking river cruise down the Rhine. The owners were very welcoming and shared interesting facts about the history of French winemaking and of their winery. And, of course, the wine was fantastic! I adored that part of France and hope to go back there someday. If you get the chance to visit France, I highly recommend including the Alsace region in your itinerary.

So back to the business at hand, I hope you got a chance to create and play around with your folder structure from Step 1 so it makes sense to you. We all don’t think the same way or organize our life or house the same way. So why should organizing your picture folders be any different? And just a reminder, if you don’t like the way yours is set up, you can always change it later.

If you’re good to go on your folders, let’s get started on Step 2: Gathering, transferring and backing up your digital pictures! Continue reading Organizing Your Digital Vacation Photos Series-Step 2: Gather, Transfer, Back Up

Organizing Your Digital Vacation Photos Series: Step 1 (3 Steps to Creating Powerful, Searchable Folders)


Today you’ll begin a journey that will change your life. This statement might seem a bit bold, but if you’re drowning in photos and the stress of it all has you teetering on the brink of photo insanity, then it is a very accurate statement.  Disorganized photos can make you feel overwhelmed, confused, stressed, anxious, and even inadequate because you can’t keep up with it all. Today is the day all those feelings can stop.

I like to keep things simple. So don’t worry about it being too complicated. I like to find ways to get the job done right using the least amount of effort. Who doesn’t want that, right? Discovering how to do that might take a little time, but in the long run it really pays off. I can then accomplish what I want with the least amount of time, effort and financial investment.

What you’ll learn here is how I and many other photo organizers organize their own photos and that of their clients. How we do it right with the least amount of effort and time. So don’t get stressed out thinking about all you have to do to get them organized.

Follow this series and only concentrate on the one step I’m covering at that time. Don’t think about what’s ahead. Don’t look behind. The mess you have now is irrelevant. It’s manageable. With each step it’s evolving into photo nirvana.

Let’s get started!

Create New Folders

Creating new folders seems like a simple enough task. You’ve created hundreds of folders over the years either on your personal computer or at work. And it is a simple act to create a folder. However, the trick to a great folder structure is knowing what to name your folders and files so they make sense now and in the future for you–or anyone else that might need to retrieve some photos from your files.

Continue reading Organizing Your Digital Vacation Photos Series: Step 1 (3 Steps to Creating Powerful, Searchable Folders)

Organizing Your Digital Vacation Photos Series: Intro

Returning from Vacation is Hard. But Viewing Your Photos is Fun!

Welcome! If you’re reading this, it means you have vacation or another group of photos you’re ready to get organized. Or perhaps you’ll be vacationing soon and want to prepare for getting them organized upon your return home. Either way, you’re in store for viewing your captured memories and getting them organized at the same time. Now that’s a time saver!

This series will focus on using a personal computer to organize photos. It’s impossible to do much organizing on small devices such as phones and tablets. Many of these devices will automatically create a timeline by date or location (if you have the Location setting on) for easy viewing, but the long, nondescript filename assigned automatically does little to help you find the picture you want a few years from now, whether it be on your device or computer or in cloud storage. Plus, your device can only hold so many photos and then you need to delete or move them elsewhere. If you don’t transfer them, you just end up with a digital graveyard full of photos surely to be lost or damaged at some point. If you’ve ever Continue reading Organizing Your Digital Vacation Photos Series: Intro