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OneDrive User? Take Action Now or Risk Losing Your Photos

If you use OneDrive for automatic backups for photos and documents, you better move fast to clean up your files. Per Microsoft, come July 13, the storage limit is reduced from 15 GB to only 5 GB. If you don’t reduce your storage size to under the new limit, your account will become read only. They say you can still access your files, but no more uploading until you get the file size under the 5 GB.

This new limit can put your automatic photo backups at risk.

You have three options to keep your photos safe from loss:

  • Download your photos/files to your computer or external hard drive, and then delete the files in OneDrive to free up space;
  • Pay for additional storage space; or
  • Leave your photos/files there (you have one year to remove them or the content may be deleted) and set up a different auto backup system for your photos, such as Google Photos, which offers an unlimited storage option.

It is getting increasingly difficult to keep up with all the technology anymore. Companies are always changing something: storage limits, storage options, restrictions and even doing away with a favorite application or site. We either adapt or risk losing important parts of our history.

So if you’re a OneDrive user, get to it!


Protect Yourself and Kids From Digital Kidnapping

What You Need to Know About Digital Kidnapping

I came across this article that reveals just how dangerous the simple act of sharing your photos with others can be. There is a disturbing trend in which people “baby role play” by hijacking a photo of your child from a social media site and use it in frightening and creepy ways.

If you freely share photos of your kids, grandkids, nieces, etc., on social media, please read this article and follow through on the suggestions provided. We must do everything we can to protect our children in a society that is growing increasingly complex and global with privacy quickly becoming a thing of the past.